[Comp-neuro] COLAMN-2010 -- Workshop on Cortical Microcircuits & Neuromorphic Hardware

Thomas Wennekers thomas.wennekers at plymouth.ac.uk
Sun May 23 19:30:25 CEST 2010

                         COLAMN 2010

From Cortical Microcircuits to Brain-Inspired Computing Hardware

               1/2 September 2010 in Plymouth/UK


This workshop is an open meeting of the UK-wide research cluster 
COLAMN. COLAMN aims at exploring novel computing architectures for 
cognitive systems based on the laminar microcircuitry of the neocortex. 
This serves two major goals: Firstly, to understand better the structure 
and functioning of cortical circuits, and, secondly, to exploit 
computational principles found in the brain in cognitive software and 
neuromorphic hardware.

These challenges require an interdisciplinary approach integrating 
scientists across different disciplines -- experimental neuroscience, 
computational modeling, and electrical engineering. Accordingly, at the 
workshop we will have a mix of presentations regarding

Neuroanatomy of the laminar cortical architecture
Neurophysiology of cortical microcircuits
Advanced data analysis methods
Large-scale computer models of cortical function
Models of synaptic plasticity and learning
Cognitive modeling using large-scale spiking neuron networks
Neuromorphic hardware design

Speakers (mostly confirmed)

Vincenzo Crunelli (University of Cardiff)
Sue Denham (University of Plymouth)
Rodney Douglas (University of Zurich)
Piotr Dudek (University of Manchester)
Yves Fregnac (UNIC CNRS)
Steve Furber (University of Manchester)
Michael Haeusser / Arnd Roth (Wolfson Institute, UCL)
Marcelo Montemurro / John Giggs (University of Manchester)
David Willshaw / Mark van Rossum (University of Edinburgh)
Jan Schnupp (University of Oxford)
Alex Thomson (University of London)
Thomas Wennekers / Gleb Basalyga (University of Plymouth)

Further Details

Date and time
1 Sept 2010 9:00 to 2. Sept 1 17:00

The University of Plymouth, United Kingdom

Registration fee
There will a fee of 100 GBP for this meeting which will cover morning 
and afternoon refreshments, buffet lunch on both days, and the 
workshop dinner

To register, please send an email to    
thomas.wennekers at plymouth.ac.uk

For further information regarding registration, travel, and 
accommodation please see the workshop website  


Thomas Wennekers
Centre for Robotic and Neural Systems
The University of Plymouth
PL4 8AA Plymouth, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1752 584917
Email: thomas.wennekers at plymouth.ac.uk


This workshop is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences 
Research Council, EPSRC.

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