[Comp-neuro] 2010 Illusion Contest winners

Xoana G Troncoso x.troncoso at neuralcorrelate.com
Fri May 14 02:04:31 CEST 2010

The TOP THREE winners of the 2010 "Best Illusion of the Year Contest" are:

- 1st PRIZE: Koukichi Sugihara (Meiji Institute, Japan) -- "Impossible
motion: magnet-like slopes"

- 2nd PRIZE: Bart Anderson (University of Sydney, Australia) --
"Counter‐intuitive illusory contours"

- 3rd PRIZE:  Jan Kremlacek (Charles University, Czech Republic)--" Two
sinusoids: 6 – 1 perceptions"

Check out the WINNING ILLUSIONS, and all TOP TEN finalists at:
The winners took home a "Guido", a trophy designed by the renowned Italian
sculptor Guido Moretti.

The "Best Illusion of the Year Contest" Gala (sponsored by Scientific
American and held on May 10th in Naples FL) was a huge success, drawing
international coverage from
Scientific American<http://www.scientificamerican.com/blog/post.cfm?id=balls-rolling-uphill-or-so-it-would-2010-05-11>,
Fox News<http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2010/05/12/best-visual-illusion-defies-gravity/>,
and many other media outlets. The winning illusion by Sugihara has moreover
become YouTube’s spotlight video for Science & Technology!

If you took PICTURES or VIDEOS of the event, please send them to us!

The Contest is hosted by the Neural Correlate Society, a non-profit
organization whose mission is to promote public awareness of neuroscience
research and discovery. We rely on your donations to maintain the Contest’s
online illusion archive and to ensure that the Contest Gala remains free and
open to the public. Please visit our website (
http://illusioncontest.neuralcorrelate.com) and make a Paypal donation to
support the contest (all donations are tax deductible and every dollar

Congratulations to the 2010 TOP 10 contestants and the TOP 3 winners for
their fantastic illusions!

Xoana Troncoso (Illusion Contest Coordinator)
Susana Martinez-Conde (President, Neural Correlate Society)

On behalf of the Executive Board of the Neural Correlate Society:
Stephen Macknik, Jose-Manuel Alonso, Susana Martinez-Conde, Luis Martinez,
Xoana Troncoso, Peter Tse

Xoana G Troncoso, PhD
Illusion Contest Coordinator

Postdoctoral Scholar in Neuroscience
Andersen Laboratory
California Institute of Technology
1200 E California Blvd. M/C 216-76
Pasadena, California 91125, USA
phone: +1-626-395-8337
email: x.troncoso at neuralcorrelate.com
website: www.vis.caltech.edu/~xoana/ <http://www.vis.caltech.edu/%7Exoana/>
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