[Comp-neuro] The spiking neuron model bites the dust

Torabi torabi at perdana.um.edu.my
Tue May 4 11:25:14 CEST 2010

In 1964 W. Rall published a book chapter as a technical piece based on
informal discussions with J. Hearon to overcome problems with partial
differential equation models of neurons. Ever since it has been taken
for granted that these compartmental methods are just as “good” in
modeling realistic neurons. Indeed based on an unquestioning acceptance
of the validity of the compartmental model, the spiking neuron models
(a hybrid of the compartmental model) have infiltrated computational
neuroscience in software packages like NEURON and in the Blue Brain
Project.  In a paper published in the March issue of Journal of
Integrative Neuroscience, Brzychczy and Poznanski  have began to gauge
how “good” these compartmental methods really are by using new
mathematics of the brain. See

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