[Comp-neuro] Bernstein Award for Computational Neuroscience 2010

Simone Cardoso de Oliveira cardoso at bcos.uni-freiburg.de
Mon May 3 10:20:22 CEST 2010

Dear members of the Bernstein Project Committee,

please be reminded that also for the year 2010, the German Federal 
Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has announced a call for 
applications for the "Bernstein Award for Computational Neuroscience".

Dear colleagues,

I would like to bring to your attention that for the fifth time, the 
German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) has announced 
an open call for applications for a "Bernstein Award".

The "Bernstein Award for Computational Neuroscience" is equipped with up 
to 1.25 Mio EUR for a period of five years and allows young scientists 
of all nationalities to establish an independent research group at a 
German university or research institution.

The BMBF announcement can be found under the following links:

    * German version <http://www.gesundheitsforschung-bmbf.de/de/1834.php>
    * English version <http://www.gesundheitsforschung-bmbf.de/en/1834.php>

Posters to announce the Bernstein Award locally can be downloaded from here:

    * German version
    * English version

Application deadline is May 25th, 2010.

Best regards,

Simone Cardoso

Dr. Simone Cardoso de Oliveira
Bernstein Network Computational Neuroscience 

Head of the Bernstein Coordination Site (BCOS)
Albert Ludwigs University Freiburg
Hansastr. 9A
79104 Freiburg, Germany

phone: +49-761-203-9583
fax:   +49-761-203-9585

cardoso at bcos.uni-freiburg.de

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