[Comp-neuro] Call for participation/posters: Dynamics of Bursting Workshop, GSU, April 16-17

Rob Clewley rclewley at gsu.edu
Tue Mar 30 01:50:55 CEST 2010

Dynamics of Bursting Activity of Neurons
2 day workshop
April 16-17, 2010
The Commerce Club, 34 Broad St, Atlanta

Location of the Bennett A. Brown Commerce club is marked 7 on the GSU
interactive map (http://www.gsu.edu/interactive_map.html).

Sponsors of the event are the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience, The
Neuroscience Institute and The Department of Physics and Astronomy,
Georgia State University.

Bursting behavior is an oscillatory activity consisting of intervals of
repetitive spiking separated by intervals of quiescence. Recently, the
functional role of bursting has been actively discussed. There is agreement that
it is an important mode for the control of rhythmic movements and is frequently
observed in central pattern generators, neuronal networks controlling motor
behavior (Marder & Calabrese, 1996). Also, bursting has been widely observed in
sleep and pathological brain states. We would like to gather scientists from
different fields of neuroscience, physics and mathematics who are interested in
the geneses of bursting patterns and mechanisms of control of their

The main goal of the workshop is to discuss the potential roles of bursting in
the operation of the central nervous system under normal and pathological
conditions. We would like to spotlight the coexistence of bursting with other
regimes of neuronal activities, and its role in brain functions and pathologies,
especially in central pattern generation and epilepsy.

Selected papers will be published in a special issue of Journal of
Biological Physics.

Registration is required. The registration fee is $70 for faculty and $40
for postdocs and graduate students. A limited number of registration fee waivers
may be granted upon request in writing placed by April 5, 2010. The fee covers
breakfast, lunch and the reception dinner/drinks. See below how to register.

Organizers: Gennady Cymbalyuk, Sonya Bahar, Igor Belykh, Vladimir
Bondarenko, Ronald Calabrese, Robert Clewley, Mukesh Dhamala, Andrey

For questions contact Gennady Cymbalyuk  (gcymbalyuk at gsu.edu).

Keynote speakers:
Ramirez, Nino,  University of Washington, Seattle. "Neuromodulation
and bursting gone mad: Insights gained from studying neurological
Smith, Jeff,  NINDS,  Laboratory of Neural Control
Traub, Roger, IBM, "Some normal and abnormal collective phenomena in
cortical circuits amongst bursting neurons"

Invited Speakers:
Bahar, Sonya, University of Missouri at St Louis, Dept of Physics and
Astronomy, St. Louis MO
Barreto, Ernest,  George Mason University, Dept of Physics &
Bazhenov, Maxim, University of California Riverside, Dept. of Cell
Biology and Neuroscience
Berkowitz, Ari, University of Oklahoma, Department of Zoology, Norman,
Bunimovich, Leonid, GaTech, School of Mathematics, Atlanta
“Isospectral reduction of networks and spectral networks’ equivalence”.
Butera, Robert, GaTech, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
Atlanta "Co-existing bursting attractors in a class of bursting
neurons: models, mechanisms, and experimental hints."
Calabrese, Ronald, Emory University, Biology Department, Atlanta “The
more we look, the more biological variation we see: How has and should this
influence modeling of small rhythmic networks?”
Dzakpasu, Rhonda, Georgetown University, Physics Dept.
Edwards, Donald, Georgia State University, Neuroscience Institute,
Gross, Robert, Emory University, Atlanta
Jaeger, Dieter, Emory University, Biology Department, Atlanta
"Pathological bursting in basal ganglia circuits in Parkinson's
Katz, Paul, Georgia State University, Neuroscience Institute, Atlanta
“Biological Evolution of central pattern generators”
Mogul, David, Illinois Institute of Technology, Dept. of Biomedical
Engineering, Chicago
Prilutsky, Boris, GaTech,  Center for Human Movement Studies, School
of Applied Physiology
Rybak, Illya, Drexel University, College of Medicine, Dept. of
Neurobiology and Anatomy
Sorensen, Michael, President, Simatra Modeling Technologies
"Accelerating simulations of bursting neurons with simEngine"
Tabak, Joel, Florida State University, Biomedical Research Facility,
Tryba, Andrew, Medical College of Wisconsin, Dept. of Physiology,
Milwaukee, WI
Volgushev, Maxim, University of Connecticut, Dept of Psychology: “UP
and DOWN states in neocortical neurons during slow wave oscillation”
Wagenaar, Daniel, Caltech, Division of Biology, "Bursting with desire:
a two-timescale rhythm for mate exploration in the medicinal leech"
Yamaguchi, Ayako,  Boston University, Dept of Biology
Belykh, Igor, Georgia State University, Dept. of Mathematics and
Statistics, "Inhibitory synchronization in bursting networks"
Clewley, Robert, Georgia State University, Neuroscience Institute,
"Reducing the fine structure of bursting dynamics"
Cymbalyuk, Gennady, Georgia State University, Neuroscience Institute
"Co-existence of bursting and silent regimes in neuronal dynamics"
Dhamala, Mukesh, Georgia State University, Dept. of Physics and
Astronomy, GSU
Shilnikov, Andrey Georgia State University, Neuroscience Institute
“Polyrhythms of bursting patterns in deterministic models for
central pattern generators."

To register, please, send an e-mail to Gennady Cymbalyuk (gcymbalyuk at gsu.edu).
Please include in your e-mail the following information:

I________________________ wish to attend the Workshop “Dynamics of
Bursting Activity of Neurons” in the Commerce Club, 34 Broad St,
Atlanta, on April 16 - 17.




Check one:
____ I will not present a poster.
____ I will present a poster.

The title of the poster (the abstract is optional, limited to 250

Dietary  restrictions:

Check one:

_____  I will pay the registration fee by check
_____  I will pay the registration fee from my funded project (for GSU
faculty).  The speedtype is _______
_____  I request a registration fee waiver (the deadline for the
request is April 5, 2010)

If you pay the registration fee by check, please make it payable to
Georgia State University. You could make a payment during the
registration on April 16, 8 am - 9 am or mail it by April 13 to

Ms. Tara Alexander,
Neuroscience Institute
Georgia State University
PO Box 5030
Atlanta, GA 30302-5030.

The poster session will be held on Friday 16, 19:00-21:30. A reception will
be held on Friday 16, 18:00-20:00.

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