[Comp-neuro] Submission deadline for the special Issue "Saliency, attention, active visual search and picture scanning" has been EXTENDED!!!

Vassilis Cutsuridis vcut at bu.edu
Wed Mar 24 14:40:50 CET 2010

FINAL CALL  FOR  PAPERS is now EXTENDED till May 1st, 2010
Special Issue of the Cognitive Computation Journal (Springer)
"Saliency, attention, active visual search and picture scanning"
Guest Editors
John G. Taylor, King's College, London, U.K.
(john.g.taylor at kcl.ac.uk)
Vassilis Cutsuridis, Boston University, USA
(vcut at bu.edu)
How is a complex visual scene processed? How is the selection of one
particular location in a visual scene accomplished? Does it involve
bottom-up, sensory driven cues or top-down world knowledge expectations or
both? How is the decision made when to terminate a fixation and move the
gaze? How is the decision made where to direct the gaze in order to take the
next sample? The goal of the special issue is to advance our understanding
of the state-of-the-art on bottom-up and top-down approaches to active
visual search and picture scanning. Neurocomputational, computer vision and
experimental review papers on perceptual saliency, attention, learning and
memory, decision making and gaze control are welcome. The manner in which
attention is involved is considered a highly relevant topic to the special

Important dates
**New** submission deadline: May 1, 2010
Review deadline: July 1, 2010
Author notification: July 2, 2010
Author's response: August 1, 2010
Publication by journal: ~November/December, 2010

Electronic submissions for the Cognitive Computation journal can be found
under http://www.springer.com/biomed/neuroscience/journal/12559

Please indicate in your cover letter that your article is for the special
issue "Computational models of saliency, attention, active visual search and
picture scanning".

Dr. Vassilis Cutsuridis
Center for Memory and Brain
Psychology Department
Boston University
Boston, MA
Email: vcut at bu.edu
Web: http://people.bu.edu/vcut/
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