[Comp-neuro] Biological Cybernetics: vol 102, issue 3 --- Table of Content

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Sat Mar 13 23:56:25 CET 2010

Biological Cybernetics: vol 102, issue 3 --- Table of Content

BC Forum:

"How stimulus shape affects lateral-line perception: analytical approach 
to analyze natural stimuli characteristics"
Andreas B. Sichert & J. Leo van Hemmen

Original papers:

"Persistent reflection underlies ectopic activity in multiple sclerosis: 
a numerical study"
Sharon Zlochiver

"The identification of critical fluctuations and phase transitions in 
short term and coarse-grained time series—a method for the real-time 
monitoring of human change processes"
Guenter Schiepek & Guido Strunk

"Neural network simulations of the primate oculomotor system. V. 
Eye–head gaze shifts"
A. A. Kardamakis, A. Grantyn & A. K. Moschovakis

"Action and behavior: a free-energy formulation"
Karl J. Friston, Jean Daunizeau, James Kilner & Stefan J. Kiebel

"Fully decentralized control of a soft-bodied robot inspired by true 
slime mold"
Takuya Umedachi, Koichi Takeda, Toshiyuki Nakagaki, Ryo Kobayashi & Akio 

Biological Cybernetics, all issues: 

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