[Comp-neuro] Nonlinear Dynamics on Networks, Kiev July 5-9, 2010

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International Workshop on

Nonlinear Dynamics on Networks
(July 5 - 9, 2010  Kiev, Ukraine)

Deadline for registration is April 15, 2010

Network models is a novel powerful tool for describing complex
real-world systems - ranging from the internet and other communication
systems to neuronal microcircuits of the brain. To study nonlinear
dynamics on networks, one incorporates approaches from the dynamical
system theory, statistical physics, and mathematics. Enormous progress
in the field has been achieved with a help of computational

The goal of the workshop is to bring together theoreticians and
experimentalists with a purpose to discuss novel trends in the
nonlinear dynamics on networks, and to exchange ideas in this rapidly
growing interdisciplinary field.The main topics include but are not
restricted to:

    * Coupled Oscillators: Analytical Advances for Large and Small Ensembles
    * Chimera States and Pattern Formation on Networks
    * Heteroclinic Cycles, Bifurcations, and Multistability
    * Synchronizability of Networks
    * Localization on Networks
    * Dynamics of Systems with Complex Delays
    * Data Analysis of Network Connections
    * Applications in Life Sciences, Neurodynamics, other fields

Workshop Program consists of invited talks and a discussion session.
Younger scientists will be able to present their results as short oral
communications or posters. We plan 5 working days: from July 5
(Monday) till July 9 (Friday). People are welcome to arrive on Sunday,
July 4 and leave on Saturday, July 10.

Please refer to the workshop web-site


for further information.


Peter Ashwin    Exeter University
Aleksandr Dmitriev      IRE-RAN Moscow
Martin Hasler   EPFL Lausanne
Yuri Maistrenko         NASU Kiev       co-chair
Arkady Pikovsky         Potsdam University      co-chair
Alessandro Torcini      ISC-CNR Firenze
Matthias Wolfrum        WIAS Berlin


Vladimir Maistrenko     NASU Kiev       co-chair
Anna Vasylenko  NASU Kiev       scientific secretary

For the further information, please contact Anna Vasylenko
networks2010 at biomed.kiev.ua

 Deadline for registration is April 15, 2010

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