[Comp-neuro] PhD Positions – Visual-vestibular perception and action – University of Munich

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Thu Jun 10 14:48:33 CEST 2010

PhD Positions – Visual-vestibular perception and action – University of

Two PhD positions are available starting September 2010 to study
visual-vestibular perception and action in the newly established
Integrated Center for Research and Treatment of Vertigo, Balance, and
Oculomotor Disorders at the University Hospital of Munich. The ultimate
aim of both projects is to develop and test probabilistic models of
visual-vestibular perception and action.

One position will focus primarily on measuring perceptual and motor
response to self-motion stimulation presented using a virtual-reality
system consisting of a 6 degree-of-freedom motion platform with attached
wide field-of-view stereo visual display. Research will aim to quantify
perceptual detection and discrimination thresholds using psychophysical
methods and also postural and ocular motor responses using motion and
eye-tracking equipment. Some projects will involve patient populations
with the aim of developing new diagnostic procedures for use in the
clinic. The other position will focus primarily on recording and
quantifying natural statistics of visual and vestibular self-motion
stimulation and associated eye movements using a head-mounted eye-tracker
with camera and inertial sensors.

Munich is a very comfortable city with world-class cultural attractions
and easy access to outdoor attractions including the Alps. There is a
large and vibrant neuroscience community which includes the Bernstein
Center for Computational Neuroscience, the Graduate School of Systemic
Neuroscience, and the Neurology Department of the University Hospital.

For more information contact Paul MacNeilage

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