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Dear Colleague,

We are happy to invite you to participate in the Barcelona Cognition, Brain and Technology Summer School (BCBT) that will be held from
August 30 until September 10, 2010 in Barcelona. You can find more information on the school below and following: http://bcbt.upf.edu/ (http://bcbt.upf.edu/)
or http://bcbt.upf.edu/bcbt10/ (http://bcbt.upf.edu/bcbt10/)

Kind regards

Paul Verschure (Chair)
Tony Prescott
Anil Seth

Barcelona Cognition, Brain and Technology Summer School 2010

BCBT is an annual international summer school that promotes a shared systems-level understanding of the functional architecture of the
brain and its possible emulation in artificial systems. BCBT addresses students and researchers involved in research at the interface
between brains and technology such as in the ambit of  “Bio-ICT convergence” "Brain Inspired ICT" and “cognitive systems and
robotics”. BCBT is an school organized by SPECS (UPF) and supported by the Convergent Science Network of Biomimetic and Biohybrid
Systems CSN network consortium (http://www.csnetwork.eu/ (http://www.csnetwork.eu/)).

Students will have the opportunity to attend lectures from prominent scientist in the field of brain research, neuroscience, artificial
intelligent and related fields (see the webpage for the speakers for this year and of preceding schools). Student will also attend
tutorials and work on projects that will be presented at the end of the 2 weeks of the summer school.

BCBT can accommodate about 50 participants. Student participants are required to attend the school for the full duration and perform a
collaborative project.

Lectures (2 x 2 hours including sufficient time for discussion)
No slides jam session (30 minutes presentation on future results)
The talks have been organized around a number of themes with emphasis
on brain architecture and systems and their advanced capabilities such
as consciousness.

Week 1: Skills: simulation techniques, robot control techniques,
experimental design, analysis methods, etc combined with work on the
Week 2: Project work and final presentation

Suggested projects:
Participants are encouraged and students are required to develop, in
small teams, their own project that does NOT directly relate to the
work they usually engage in. Participants are encouraged to bring
their own hardware/software systems that can be used in projects. In
addition, the organizers will present a selection of possible projects.
see an example below:

    1.    When the cortex wrinkles up does your IQ go up?
    2.    Models of consciousness:  if I am, are you too…. conscious ???
    3.    Building a brain for conscious machines: why bother at all???
    4.    Building a brain for the humanoid robot iCub:
           Make it jump: Controlling a robot with your brain

For more info on talks, tutorials and projects please refer to the
BCBT web page http://bcbt.upf.edu/bcbt10/ (http://bcbt.upf.edu/bcbt10/)

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