[Comp-neuro] Biological Cybernetics: vol 102, issue 1 --- Table of Content

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Biological Cybernetics: vol 102, issue 1 --- Table of Content

Original papers:

"Unfolding an electronic integrate-and-fire circuit"
Humberto Carrillo & Frank Hoppensteadt 

"Phase-linking and the perceived motion during off-vertical axis rotation"
Jan E. Holly, Scott J. Wood & Gin McCollum 

"Concurrent adaptation of force and impedance in the redundant muscle 
Keng Peng Tee, David W. Franklin, Mitsuo Kawato, Theodore E. Milner & 
Etienne Burdet

"A neural mechanism of synergy formation for whole body reaching"
Pietro Morasso, Maura Casadio, Vishwanathan Mohan & Jacopo Zenzeri

"Evaluating the effective connectivity of resting state networks using 
conditional Granger causality"
Wei Liao, Dante Mantini, Zhiqiang Zhang, Zhengyong Pan, Jurong Ding, 
Qiyong Gong, Yihong Yang & Huafu Chen

"Density-dependence of functional development in spiking cortical 
networks grown in vitro"
Michael I. Ham, Vadas Gintautas, Marko A. Rodriguez, Ryan A. Bennett, 
Cara L. Santa Maria & Luìs M. A. Bettencourt

"Parameters for a model of an oscillating neuronal network in the 
cochlear nucleus defined by genetic algorithms"
Andreas Bahmer & Gerald Langner

Biological Cybernetics, all issues: 

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