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Special Symposium Announcement

Computational Neuroscience:  What have we learned in 20 years and what  
do we still need to know?

As part of the main program at:

CNS *2010

July 24th - 30th

San Antonio Texas


Abstract Submission Deadline for CNS*2010:  Feb. 14th

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION WEBSITE: http://www.cnsorg.org/2010/submission.shtml

It has been 20 years since plans were made to organize the worlds  
first open international meeting in computational neuroscience.   
Quoting from the introduction to the proceedings of the first meeting  
in 1990, "Sensing that recent leaps in computational power and  
knowledge of the nervous system may have set the state for a  
revolution in theoretical neurobiology, our motive was to organize a  
conference focused on emerging modeling tools and emerging  
neurobiological concepts".   As part of CNS*2010, we have invited key  
participants in the last 20 years of CNS meetings to present their  
views on where computational neuroscience has been and where it is  
going.  This special symposium will allow for both reflection and  
predictions on the future of our computational approach to  
understanding how brains work.

We hope to see you in San Antonio:  Jim Bower, Charles Wilson, Todd  
Troyer (local CNS*2010 organizers)

Invited Speakers

Dr. John Miller (Montana State University)

“Analysis of invertebrate nervous systems as models for understanding  
complex function”

Dr. Ron Calabrese (Emory University)

“The more we look, the more biological variation we see: How has and  
should this influence modeling of small networks?”

Dr. Alain Destexhe  (CNRS - France)

The Nervous System, still noisy after all these years?

Dr. Upinder Bhalla (NCBS- Bangalore India)

  "Still looking for the memories: molecules and synaptic plasticity."

Dr. John Rinzel (NYU)

  “Modeling neuronal dynamics - our trajectory?”

Dr.  Bruno Olshausen (University of California Berkeley)

  “Learning about vision:  questions we've answered, questions

we haven't answered, and questions we haven't yet asked.”

Dr. Sharon Crook (Arizona State University)

“Learning from the past:  Approaches for Reproducibility in  
Computational Neuroscience”

Dr. Avrama Blackwell (George Mason University)

Calcium: the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything

Dr. Christiane Linster (Cornell University)

“The olfactory system, still computing, but how??”

Dr. Michael Hasselmo (Boston University)

“20 years of oscillations and memory: The long and winding road linking

cellular mechanisms to behavior.”

Dr. James M. Bower
Professor of Computational Neurobiology

Research Imaging Center
University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, Texas

Department of Biology
University of Texas - San Antonio

Phone:  210 382 0553
Email: bower at uthscsa.edu
Web: www.bower-lab.org

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