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Emilio Salinas esalinas at wfubmc.edu
Mon Jan 25 23:37:01 CET 2010

Dear Colleagues,

Just to alert you about a recent paper that may be of interest to the
readers of this list.

Perceptual decision making in less than 30 milliseconds 

Terrence R Stanford, Swetha Shankar, Dino P Massoglia, M Gabriela
Costello & Emilio Salinas

Nature Neuroscience, published online: 24 January 2010 |

It is hard to dissociate the time taken for purely perceptual processes
from motor reaction times when making responses to stimuli. Using a
combination of a novel task design and computational modeling, this
study dissociates these two processes and finds that monkeys can
discriminate perceptual color information in as little time as 30 ms.


If someone does not have access to the journal, I'll be happy to send
the pdf reprint directly to him or her.

Comments or questions are most welcome. Best regards,


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