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Special Issue on Swarm Cognition

--------------- Topic ---------------

Swarm Cognition is the juxtaposition of two relatively unrelated
concepts that evoke, on the one hand, the power of collective
behaviours displayed by natural swarms, and on the other hand the
complexity of cognitive processes in the vertebrate brain. In recent
years, scientists from various disciplines have been suggesting that,
at a certain level of description, operational principles used to
account for the behaviour of natural swarms may turn out to be
extremely powerful tools to identify the neuroscientic basis of
cognition. Generally speaking, these studies claim that the massively
parallel animal-to-animal interactions which operationally explain
cognitive processes of natural swarms are functionally similar to
neuron-to-neuron communication which underlie the cognitive abilities
of living organisms, including humans. With this premise, research
work in Swarm Cognition aims at identifying the operational principles
of cognitive behaviour by calling upon the underlying mechanisms of
self-organising systems, i.e., systems whose internal organisation
changes without being guided by an outside source.

We encourage submissions of innovative research work which highlights
the importance of the mechanisms of self-organisation as operational
principles to explain cognitive processes displayed by individuals or
collectives, both natural and artificial. Particularly welcome are
contributions focusing on the distributed mechanisms underlying
cognitive processes, like, for instance, decision-making, attention,
learning or memory.

Topics of interest in relationship to the above issues include but are
not limited to:
       • Cognitive and computational neurosciences
       • Cognitive and social ethology
       • Swarm intelligence and swarm robotics
       • Adaptive control
       • Systems biology
       • Neural computation and distributed representations
       • Cultural evolution and Learning
       • Cognitive sociology
       • Bounded rationality

--------------- Editors ---------------

Dr. Vito Trianni, ISTC-CNR, Italy
vito.trianni at istc.cnr.it

Dr. Elio Tuci, ISTC-CNR, Italy
elio.tuci at istc.cnr.it

Prof. Kevin M. Passino, Ohio State University, OH
passino at ece.osu.edu

---- Instructions for authors -----

All manuscripts must be prepared according to the publication
guidelines of the Swarm Intelligence Journal that can be found at the
journal web-site: http://www.springer.com/journal/11721

Prospective authors are invited to submit their papers using the
online submission system of the journal at
http://www.editorialmanager.com/swrm selecting "Special Issue on Swarm
Cognition" as the article type.

When submitting a paper, please send at the same time also an e-mail
to Vito Trianni (vito.trianni at istc.cnr.it) with paper title and author
list to inform about the submission.

-------------- Timeline --------------

Manuscript due: March 15, 2010
Notication: May 31, 2010
Final manuscript due: July 19, 2010

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via San Martino della Battaglia, 44
00185 Roma                                                      Tel:
+39 06 44595 255
 Fax: +39 06 44595 243

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