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/Paris School of Neuroscience PhD Program

/The Paris School of Neuroscience (ENP) is a network of outstanding 
neuroscience laboratories in the Paris area, within major universities 
and research institutes.

/-  The ENP aims to facilitate graduate training of selected students. 
It covers all areas of neuroscience and associated methodologies, from 
basic to clinical and from molecular to cognitive sciences.

- Pre-PhD and PhD programs are open to highly talented and motivated 
students who received their undergraduate training outside of France, 
irrespective of their original disciplines.

    - Pre-PhD: up to a year of rotations in participating laboratories.
    It can include a Master's degree
    - PhD: a three year program with possible one-year extension

- Courses in neuroscience and related topics - International conferences 
and seminars - French and/or English language courses - Individual 
supervision by a tutor and a thesis committee -
Annual retreat with faculty members and guest scientists - Assistance 
for settling in Paris (visa, housing, social security, medical and/or 
other insurance) -
Stipends from the ENP and other sources (pre-PhD 1200 EUR/month, PhD 
1800 EUR/month) - Scholarships for attendance to international meetings 
- Support for periods of training in other laboratories.

Two application deadlines per year
30 September & 30 March

Details & online registration

enp at paris-neuroscience.com
T +33 1 43 31 13 15

The ENP groups are located at the Collège de France, CRICM (Institut du 
Cerveau et de la Moëlle Épinière), École normale supérieure, Institut 
Alfred Fessard, Institut du Fer à Moulin, Institut Pasteur, Institut de 
la Vision,
Jussieu, MiRCen (Molecular Imaging Research Center), NeuroSpin, 
Saint-Anne, Saint-Pères, etc.

Sabah Boumaza
Paris School of Neuroscience 
T +33 1 43 31 04 05

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