[Comp-neuro] Two chairs in Computational Neuroscience and Cogntive Robotics

Chris Miall r.c.miall at bham.ac.uk
Mon Jan 11 15:42:59 CET 2010

Jobs: Two Chairs in new Centre for Computational Neuroscience and 
Cognitive Robotics

University of Birmingham, UK
College of Life and Environmental Sciences
College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

School of Psychology
School of Computer Science

Chair in Computational Neuroscience (Ref: 38192)
Chair in Cognitive Robotics (Ref: 38193)

Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Robotics
Linking neuroscience with robotics.

The University of Birmingham is making a multimillion pound investment 
to create the Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive 
Robotics (CNCR). The Centre will foster an interdisciplinary, 
collaborative approach to advance understanding of brain function and 
learning, and develop better robotic systems. The research will be 
translated into innovative treatment for patients with developmental, 
degenerative or acquired neurological disorders.

To establish the centre, we are seeking two Chairs, one in computational 
neuroscience and one in cognitive robotics.  These appointments will be 
the first of a series culminating in ten academic and technical 
positions. In the intermediate term we will be appointing three 
lecturers and two technical positions to directly support the incoming 
teams. This will be followed by the appointment of a further three posts 
(one chair level) in the next year. We expect the new chair-level 
appointees to play a major role in the next round of recruitment.

The initial two chairs should have an international research record that 
makes cutting-edge contributions to their field. Salary will be 
commensurate with experience. For information and enquiries please 
contact either

Professor Glyn Humphreys, g.w.humphreys at bham.ac.uk 
<mailto:g.w.humphreys at bham.ac.uk>,
Professor Chris Miall, Head of Psychology, r.c.miall at bham.ac.uk 
<mailto:r.c.miall at bham.ac.uk> or
Dr Jeremy Wyatt, School of Computer Science, j.l.wyatt at bham.ac.uk 
<mailto:j.l.wyatt at bham.ac.uk>

To download the details and submit an electronic application online 
visit: www.hr.bham.ac.uk/jobs <http://www.hr.bham.ac.uk/jobs> . 
Alternatively information can be obtained from Sally Johnson on +44 
(0)121 415 8116.

Details for the Chair in Cognitive Robotics 
Details for the Chair in Computational Neuroscience 

Closing date for both posts: 30 March 2010
A University of Fairness and Diversity


Professor R.C. Miall
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Edgbaston,                     Email: r.c.miall at bham.ac.uk
Birmingham B15 2TT UK         Web: http://prism.bham.ac.uk

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