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Hirsh Cohen hirsh.cohen at theswartzfoundation.org
Sat Jan 9 20:55:48 CET 2010

The purpose of this message is to draw your attention to a new posting service that may be useful to the computational neuroscience community. Comp-neuro has provided an excellent job posting platform for instritutions that are seeking candidates for academic professorial positions, post-doc, and doctoral strudent opportunities. However this is just part of the 'job market" for our field: the other part is the job searches of candidates who wish to advertise their need for positions. The Swartz Foundation, which has been active in the field since 1995, is now providing a job search listing which is located on the Foundation's web site,www.theswartzfoundation.org. We have started this listing by inviting job seeking post-docs and pre-docs  at our 11 Sloan-Swartz centers to enter their particulars and addresses for their c.v.s. These are then listed at 
http://www.theswartzfoundation.org/job-board.asp. Their submissions are reviewed before being placed in the listing. We will be willing to open this listing to similar position seekers at other institutions and laboratories in the field, subject to our review for authenticity. These can be entered at http://www.theswartzfoundation.org/jobsearchfrm.asp <http://www.theswartzfoundation.org/jobsearchfrm.asp>  
Questions or comments may be addressed to the Swartz Foundation from the inquiry form on the Foundation's  web site mentioned above.
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