[Comp-neuro] call for Ph.D: Systems and Signals Tools for Estimation and Analysis of Mathematical Models in Endocrinology and Neurology

Kristiaan Pelckmans kp at it.uu.se
Wed Feb 17 11:15:54 CET 2010

** Call for a Ph.D. project on 'Identification of Medical Endocrine
Systems' **

The research group Syscon in the department of Information Technology of
Uppsala University (Sweden) (http://www.it.uu.se/research/syscon)
invites applications for a Ph.D. studentship (4-5 years). The succesful
applicant will work in the context of the ERC project on engineering for
endocrine systems, entitled "Systems and Signals Tools for Estimation
and Analysis of Mathematical Models in Endocrinology and Neurology".
Especially motivated students with a strong background in engineering,
computer science, applied mathematics or alike are encouraged to apply.
This research will be conducted under supervision of Kristiaan
Pelckmans, Alexander Medvedev and Petre Stoica.

In this Ph.D. project we will explore different approaches to unravell
complex interaction networks as observed in hormonal, dynamical systems
of the human body.  The study of such endocinous systems is important in
order to understand cause and consequence of different diseases, notably
Parkinsons' and type II Diabetes. The key point is that such systems use
complex interaction strategies, typically taking the form of pulsatile
signals of concentration of hormones in the blood stream.  As classical
modeling tools are often not satifactoy for such signals, ample room for
improvement and further exploration of either theoretical or applied
research remains in this area.

The applicant will work in the framework of a larger cooperation with
different medical teams, and work towards a practical solution based on
a sound theoretical foundation. In order to obtain this, we will combine
the best of such exciting research areas as system identification,
machine learning, signal processing, theoretical computer science,
flavoured with a healthy engineering perspective.

The closing date for applications is at the end of februari. The
official anoucement will follow in due time. If you are interested or
have any question, contact Kristiaan Pelckmans (kp at it.uu.se).

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