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                Chairs: Xiao-Jing Wang and Robert Desimone;
                Vice chairs: Nancy Kanwisher and Yang Dan

                August 1 - 6,  2010, Waterville Valley Resort, NH

Recent advances have ushered in a new era for neurobiological studies of 
complex cognitive functions beyond early sensory processing. Human 
studies using fMRI and electrophysiological measures have identified 
brain systems important for memory, attention, decision making, emotion 
regulation, and other aspects of cognition.  At the same time, 
neurophysiological studies in behaving animals have discovered neural 
correlates of many of these same cognitive functions, and computational 
models have been developed to elucidate the dynamics and cellular 
properties of the underlying neural networks. Studies of selective 
attention, for example, extend from systems-level descriptions, neural 
circuit identification, to computational modeling of "attention-control 
networks".  There is accelerated progress in neuronal recording studies 
of higher level processes such as decision making, task rules, and 
executive control, which were previously rarely investigated in animals. 
Novel experimental techniques and theoretical models hold the promise 
for uncovering general computational principles and neuronal mechanisms 
of cognitive behavior at a fundamental level, thereby bringing together 
circuit neurobiology and cognitive neurosciences.

This new Gordon conference series provides a forum for researchers and 
students to exchange data and discuss ideas on cutting-edge issues in 
the neurobiology of cognition. Given the broad field, we envision that 
each meeting will have a somewhat different focus, to facilitate 
in-depth discussions and at the same time preserve the breadth. A list 
of session topics and speakers is currently being developed. The program 
and format of the meeting will be designed to foster intense 
interactions among investigators from different fields (e.g. between 
cognitive neuroscientists using human fMRI and neurophysiologists 
working with behaving animals) or across levels (from cellular and 
subcellular physiology, microcircuits, to large-scale brain systems), as 
well as between experimentalists and theorists. 

The first meeting will take place at Waterville Valley Resort, NH, a 
beautiful site in the summer with lots of outdoor activity offerings. 

List of confirmed speakers and discussion leaders:

*Session 1. Neuronal activity and fMRI:*
Nikos Logothetis (Max Planck, Tubingen)
Aniruddha Das (Columbia)

*Session 2. Working Memory:*
Torkel Klingberg (Karolinska Institute, Sweden)
EK Vogel (University of Oregon)
Ranulfo Romo (University of Mexico)
Albert Compte (IDIBAPS, Barcelona, Spain)
David McCormick (Yale)

*Session 3. Decision making:*
Ann Graybiel (MIT)
Michael Shadlen (University of Washington)
Paul Glimcher (New York University)
Matthew Rushworth (University of Oxford)

*Session 4. Selective attention:*
Christof Koch (Caltech)
Sabine Kastner (Princeton Univ.)
John Reynolds (Salk Institute)
Tirin Moore (Stanford)
Michael Goldberg (Columbia)
David Heeger (NYU)

*Session 5. Memory networks:*
Carol Barnes (University of Arizona)
Matt Wilson (MIT)
Gyorgy Buzsaki (Rutgers)
Ila Fiete (UT Austin)
John O'Keefe (University College London)
Elisabeth Buffalo (Emory)

*Session 6. Task rules and rule switching:*
Earl K Miller (MIT)
Katsuyuki Sakai (University of Tokyo)
Silvia Bunge (UC Berkeley)
Stefano Fusi (Columbia University)
Okihide Hikosaka (NIH)

*Session 7. Large-scale brain dynamics:*
Carl Petersen (EPFL, Switzerland)
Steven Petersen (Washington Univ, Saint Louis)
Robert Knight (UC Berkeley)
Stanislas Dehaene (College de France, Paris)

*Session 8. Neurobiology of cognitive disorders *
Amy Arnsten (Yale)
David Lewis (Pittsburgh)
Michael J Frank (Brown)
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