[Comp-neuro] Gordon Research Conference: Sensory Coding in the Natural Environment

Adrienne L. Fairhall fairhall at u.washington.edu
Thu Feb 4 22:45:21 CET 2010

The biennial GRC, Sensory Coding in the Natural Environment, will be held July 25-29 at Bates College, Maine
(less than 100 miles from Boston).  Session topics include sensory coding in vision, audition and olfaction; 
adaptation; active sensing; multimodal integration; virtual reality; neural prosthetics.
Gordon conferences are relatively small and intense meetings with dedicated time for discussion and interaction.
This interdisciplinary meeting has traditionally brought together experimentalists working in the forefront of 
sensory coding in a wide range of model systems and sensory modalities with physicists, mathematicians, statisticians, psychologists and computer scientists interested in understanding the complexity of natural stimuli and the specialised mechanisms employed by the brain for handling this complexity.

Applications are now open. The speaker program and application is available at 

http://grc.org/programs.aspx?year=2010&program=senscoding .

We strongly encourage junior applicants and poster presentations. Travel assistance may be available subject to

Please join us for what promises to be an interesting and forward-looking meeting.


Adrienne Fairhall
Frederic Theunissen


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