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Tue Feb 2 13:29:58 CET 2010

30th International Workshop on

Bayesian Inference and Maximun Entropy

Methods in Science and Engineering

Chamonix, France, July 4-9, 2010


For 30 years the MaxEnt workshops have explored the use of Bayesian and Maximum Entropy methods in scientific and engineering applications. All aspects of probabilistic inference, such as techniques, applications and foundations, are of interest. The workshop includes a one-day tutorial session, state-of-the-art lectures, invited papers, contributed papers and poster presentations. Selected papers by the program committee will be edited and published in a book.

Especially encouraged are papers whose content is novel, either as to approach or area of application.

Abstracts (one page of about 400 words) of the proposed papers should be submitted via this Web site by April 11, 2010 (midnight, GMT).

List of provisional topics and organizers:
History and axiomatic foundation of probability and Information theory
(K.H. Knuth, A. Caticha, J. Skilling, ...)
Bayesian inference in astronomy and astrophsics
(T. Loredo, S. Gull, ...)
Information geometry and information theory
(F. Barbaresco, H. Snoussi, P. Gibilisco, C. Rodriguez, )
Algorithms for Bayesian computation.
(A. Quinn, R. Fischer, ...)
Bayesian Computed Tomography: medical imaging
(Ch. Bouman, K. Sauer, E. Miller, J.M. Lina, ...)
Non parametric Bayesian methods and experimental design
(F. Bac, M. Jordan, Z. Ghahramani, E. Barat, ...)
Bayesian classification, clustering, pattern recognition, image segmentation
(J. Center, M. Jordan, ...)
Time series, spectral estimation. deconvolution and source separation.
(P.O. Amblard, Ch. Jutten, ...)
Information theory and quantum tomography.
(Ch. Benjaballah, C. Caves, A. Vourdas, ...)
Bayesian and maximum entropy inference in action: Industrial applications
(E. Mazer, P. Cheesman, J. Skilling, M. Modares, ...) 
Non-Extensive Statistics
(C. Tsallis, J.S. Dehesa, ...) 
Bayesian Cognitive and Neuroscience
(P.O. Amblard, Pierre Bessière ...) 
Bayesian Robotics
(K.H. Knuth, P. Bessière, ...)


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