[Comp-neuro] Biological Cybernetics: vol 101, issue 3 -- Table of Content

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Wed Oct 7 17:39:57 CEST 2009

Biological Cybernetics: vol 101, issue 3 --- Table of Content

"What can be learnt from analysing insect orientation flights using 
probabilistic SLAM?"
Bartholomew Baddeley, Andrew Philippides, Paul Graham, Natalie Hempel de 
Ibarra, Thomas Collett & Phillip Husbands
Page 169 - 182

"An investigation of the evolutionary origin of reciprocal communication 
using simulated autonomous agents"
Elio Tuci
Page 183 - 199

"A phase dynamic model of systematic error in simple copying tasks"
Saguna Dubey, Sandeep Sambaraju, Sarat Chandra Cautha, Vednath Arya & V. 
S. Chakravarthy
Page 201 - 213

"Object orientation in two dimensional grasp with friction towards 
minimization of gripping power"
Satoshi Ito, Shouta Takeuchi & Minoru Sasaki
Page 215 - 226

"Spike-timing-dependent plasticity leads to gamma band responses in a 
neural networks"
Ingo Fründ, Frank W. Ohl & Christoph S. Herrmann
Page 227 - 240

"Washout filter aided mean field feedback desynchronization in an 
ensemble of globally coupled neural oscillators"
Ming Luo, Yongjun Wu & Jianhua Peng
Page 241 - 246

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