[Comp-neuro] brainstorm needed on a codename of an EEG feature extraction library in Python

Forrest Sheng Bao forrest.bao at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 00:30:20 CET 2009

Hi there,

I have an interesting request now. I have programmed many codes in Python to
extracting EEG features for my research, those features includes frequently
used spectral analysis features, many kinds of entropies, fractal
dimensions, DFA, etc. I also include functions that help export features
into svmlight format so you can easily call machine learning tools. Now I
wanna release it under GNU GPL at SourceForge or Google Code. But I need
your help on the codename. I have some candidates, such as EEGPy (copied the
idea of EEGLab), PyEEG, or PhysioPy (copied the idea of PhysioNet). I am
aware of many researchers doing work on applying signal processing and
machine learning techniques on EEG signal analysis. So I hope such a Python
function library can save them much time.

So do you have any better ideas or you think one of those names is good?

If you can help me give my project a really nice name, I will buy you a
really nice lunch - limited in continental US states though.


Forrest Sheng Bao, BSEE
Graduate Student in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas
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