[Comp-neuro] FROM ANIMALS TO ANIMATS 11, The 11th International Conference on the SIMULATION OF ADAPTIVE BEHAVIOR (SAB'10)

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                             CALL FOR PAPERS

                        FROM ANIMALS TO ANIMATS 11
The 11th International Conference on the SIMULATION OF ADAPTIVE  
                   24-28 August 2010, Paris, France


  Conference Chairs: Jean-Arcady Meyer, Agnès Guillot, John Hallam
  Local Organizers : Stéphane Doncieux, Benoît Girard, Jean-Baptiste  

Call for workshop deadline, April 1st, 2010
Paper submission deadline, February 22th, 2010
Conference dates, August 25-28, 2010
Workshops date,	August 24, 2010

The objective of this interdisciplinary conference is to bring
together researchers in computer science, artificial intelligence,
alife, control, robotics, neurosciences, ethology, evolutionary
biology, and related fields so as to further our understanding of the
behaviors and underlying mechanisms that allow natural and artificial
animals to adapt and survive in uncertain environments. The conference
will focus on experiments with well-defined models --- robot models,
computer simulation models, mathematical models --- designed to help
characterize and compare various organizational principles or
architectures underlying adaptive behavior in real animals and in
synthetic agents, the animats.

Contributions treating any of the following topics from the perspective
of adaptive behavior will receive special emphasis:

The Animat approach
Motor control
Body and brain co-evolution
Self-assembling and self-replication
Sensory-motor coordination
Action selection & behavioral sequencing
Navigation and mapping
Internal models and representation
Evolution, development and learning
Motivation and emotion
Collective and social behavior 	
Communication and language
Emergent structures and behaviors
Neural correlates of behavior
Evolutionary and co-evolutionary approaches
Autonomous, bio-inspired, and hybrid robotics
Autonomous robotics
Humanoid robotics
Cgonitive developmental robotics
Software agents and virtual creatures
Applied adaptive behavior
Animats in education
Philosophical and psychological issues

Authors should make every effort to suggest implications of their work
for both natural and artificial animals, and to distinguish the portions
of their work which use simulation from those using a physical agent.

Papers that do not deal explicitly with adaptive behavior will be  

Following the tradition of SAB conferences, the conference will be  
track, with additional poster sessions. Each poster session will start
with poster spotlights giving presenters the opportunity to orally  
their main results.

Springer Lecture Notes on Artificial Intelligence (To Be Confirmed)
Both oral and poster presentations will be published in
conference proceedings.

Submitted papers must not exceed 10 pages (double columns).
Detailed submission instructions will be available from the
conference Web site.

Please contact us at sab2010 at isab.org

Jean-Arcady Meyer, Agnès Guillot, John Hallam
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