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                 Bernstein Focus Neurotechnology Berlin

                                and the

          School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,
               Berlin Institute of Technology (TU Berlin)

                    is soliciting applications for a

                  Full Professorship in Neurotechnology

The successful candidate is expected to have extensive knowledge in the 
field of "Neurotechnology" with experience in real-time detection of 
brain states and the respective data analysis methods, as well as 
experimental brain imaging techniques (especially EEG, but also MEG, 
NIRS, fMRI) and technology development. Experience in a technical 
application domain (e.g. brain computer interfaces, neuroergonomics, 
augmented reality) and in the acquisition of third party funding is 
desirable. Applicants are also expected to contribute to the teaching 
within the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Master programs 
as well as the Berlin-wide Master-/PhD-Program "Computational Neuroscience".

Berlin has a the rich scientific community in the fields related to 
Neurotechnology, for example:

Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience: http://www.bccn-berlin.de

Berlin School of Mind and Brain: http://www.mind-and-brain.de/

Excellence Cluster Neurocure: http://www.neurocure.de/

as well as many research groups working on Machine Learning, Robotics, 
Statistical Methods and Signal Processing at the School of Electrical 
Engineering and Computer Science of the Berlin Institute of Technology, see

Please submit your application (reference IV - 822) with the usual 
documents by 11.12.2009 to the Präsident der Technischen Universität 
Berlin, Dekan der Fakultät IV, Sekr. FR 5-1, Franklinstr. 28-29, 10587 
Berlin. Full details can be found in the official call for applications 
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