[Comp-neuro] Postdoc and PhD position in machine learning / neurocontrol at Jacobs University Bremen

Herbert Jaeger h.jaeger at jacobs-university.de
Tue Nov 10 22:22:24 CET 2009

The School of Engineering and Science at Jacobs University Bremen 
invites applications for

- a postdoc research position (4 years)
- a PhD position (3 1/2 years)

in the area of machine learning / neurocontrol. The positions are funded 
(subject to a finalization of contract negotiations) by the European FP7 
project "Adaptive Modular Architecture for Rich Motor Skills (AMARSi)". 
  The consortium comprises ten European research groups from robotics, 
machine learning, computational neuroscience and behavioral 
neuroscience, providing a rich context for interdisciplinary research.

The expected project start is March 1, 2010, but the positions may start 
immediately. The AMARSi project investigates complex modular 
neurocontroller architectures for quadruped and humanoid robots, and 
strives to unite methods from robot engineering with insights from 
biological motor control. In the group at Jacobs University, the 
emphasis is on the design and mathematical analysis of motor control 
learning architectures based on recurrent neural networks in the spirit 
of reservoir computing (www.reservoir-computing.org).

A bit more detail can be found on the Jacobs University job ad page at 
http://www.jacobs-university.de/about/jobs/17564/. Much more detail can 
be obtained by an email inquiry to Herbert Jaeger, who is looking 
forward to such requests!

This opening is open as long as the official job ad at 
http://www.jacobs-university.de/about/jobs/17564/ remains posted.

Dr. Herbert Jaeger

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