[Comp-neuro] Neuroanalysis.org spike train analysis toolkit

Daniel Gardner dgardner at med.cornell.edu
Wed Nov 4 19:01:08 CET 2009

The Laboratory of Neuroinformatics at Weill Cornell Medical College 
in New York:

1. announces version 1.2 of the open source Spike Train Analysis 
Toolkit--now exceeding 1,000 downloads,
2. calls for feedback from our users, and
3. polls comp-neuro towards prioritizing future development.

1. Version 1.2 of our Spike Train Analysis Toolkit is available for 
download from neuroanalysis.org. Free and Open Source, STAToolkit now 
implements three methods for calculating information in spike trains, 
and eight methods for calculating entropy. Coded in C/C++ with MATLAB 
wrappers, the STAToolkit includes complete multiplatform installation 
instructions and scripts for testing, verification, and demonstration.

2. We ask our current users to report back on what data the 
STAToolkit has been applied to, and what neurophysiological analyses 
it has enabled. A link is provided on neuroanalysis.org at
or you may e-mail
dan at med.cornell.edu
jdvicto at med.cornell.edu.

3. Expansion plans leverage the work of a dozen collaborators in the 
computational neuroscience community to develop and make available 
new methods for neurophysiologists to analyze spike trains and so 
address specific questions of neural coding. Please help us 
prioritize our work by letting us know by e-mail--or by the form on 
neuroanalysis.org at: 
which of these lines of development would be of greatest use to your 
A. Additional methods for analysis of information conveyed by spike trains
B. Methods for assessing similarity and separation of spike trains
C. Methods for analysis of multineuronal firing patterns
D. Methods for analysis of synchrony and variability
E. Other: _________

A summary of currently-available and planned methods may be found at 
A more detailed list of current STAToolkit capabilities is at

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