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Final Call for Papers

(IOS Press)

Thematic Issue on
"Computational Modeling of Human-Oriented Knowledge within AmI"

Recent developments within Ambient Intelligence (AmI) provide new
possibilities to contribute to personal care. For example, our car may
monitor us and warn us when we are falling asleep while driving.
Similarly, the workspace of a technical worker may monitor the person's
stress level, and provide support in case it is too high. As another
example, an elderly person may wear a device that monitors his or her
well-being and generates an action when a dangerous situation is noticed.
While such AmI applications can be initially based on the acquisition and
fusion of sensory information, more intelligent applications need to
depend on the availability of an adequate knowledge base for the analysis
of human functioning. In recent years, scientific areas such as cognitive
science, psychology, neuroscience and biomedical sciences have made
substantial progress in providing increased insight in the physical and
mental aspects of human functioning. Although much work still remains to
be done, models have been developed for a variety of such aspects and the
way in which humans (try to) manage or regulate them. From a biomedical
angle, examples of such aspects are (management of) heart functioning,
diabetes, and eating regulation disorders. From a psychological and social
angle, examples are emotion regulation, attention regulation, addiction
management, trust management, stress management, and criminal behavior
management. If models of human processes and their management are
represented in a formal and computational format, and incorporated in the
human environment, then AmI applications are able to perform a more
in-depth analysis of the human's functioning. This special issue addresses
computational modeling of human-oriented knowledge from disciplines such
as psychology, social science, neuroscience and biomedical sciences, and
the role such models may play for Ambient Intelligence.

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