[Comp-neuro] Special issue of Biological Cybernetics on" Neuronal Dynamics of Sensory Coding"

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Wed Jun 24 12:00:29 CEST 2009

Dear colleagues:

Biological Cybernetics has launched a special issue on
“Nonlinear Dynamics of Sensory Coding” that is dedicated
to Jose Segundo and edited by: André Longtin (editor of Biol Cyber)
and John Rinzel (co-editor-in-chief of Biol Cyber).

This special issue highlights insights that can emerge from
considering the temporal aspects of coding.  Sensory systems in
particular offer opportunities for exploring the role of neuronal
dynamics because sometimes we know what constitutes a relevant input
and for what the output might be used. The contributions to this issue
while not comprehensive represent various different aspects of sensory
dynamics including its relation to information theory, memory and
motor systems.  Jose Pedro (Pepe) Segundo, Professor Emeritus at UCLA,
is a pioneer in the field having assimilated time and again emerging
concepts in dynamical systems theory and time series/point process
analysis in order to apply them to neuroscience.  His work focuses on
different firing patterns and their functional implications, including
their correlations, and on the dynamical phenomena of phase locking,
feedback, transients, noise and multi-stability. He pioneered the
reverse correlation technique and used it both as a modeling technique
and to measure the reliability of firing times.

The special issue (Volume 100, Number 6, June 2009) will be available
for public access and free downloading through July, 2009:

The Table of Contents:


“Neuronal dynamics of sensory coding: the legacy of Jose Pedro Segundo”
Author(s): André Longtin, John Rinzel
Page: 409 - 411

BC Forum

“Afternoons with Segundo”
Author(s): George P. Moore
Page: 413 - 415


“The systems analysis approach to mechanosensory coding”
Author(s): Andrew S. French
Page: 417 - 426

“Neural coding and contextual influences in the whisker system”
Author(s): Rasmus S. Petersen, Stefano Panzeri, Miguel Maravall
Page: 427 - 446

“Stochasticity, spikes and decoding: sufficiency and utility of order
Author(s): Barry J. Richmond
Page: 447 - 457

Original Papers

“Combining frequency and time domain approaches to systems with
multiple spike train input and output”
Author(s): D. R. Brillinger, K. A. Lindsay, J. R. Rosenberg
Page: 459 - 474

“Feedback-induced gain control in stochastic spiking networks”
Author(s): Connie Sutherland, Brent Doiron, André Longtin
Page: 475 - 489

“Visual perception of ambiguous figures: synchronization based neural
models” Author(s): Roman Borisyuk, David Chik, Yakov Kazanovich
Page: 491 - 504

“Role of spike-frequency adaptation in shaping neuronal response to
dynamic stimuli”
Author(s): Simon Peter Peron, Fabrizio Gabbiani
Page: 505 - 520

“Bilateral matching of frequency tuning in neural cross-correlators of the owl”
Author(s): Brian J. Fischer, José Luis Peña
Page: 521 - 531

The current volume 100, number 6 of "Biological Cybernetics" on the
SpringerLink web site:

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