[Comp-neuro] REMINDER: Special issue on LFP modeling in J Comp Neuroscience

Gaute Einevoll gaute.einevoll at umb.no
Thu Jun 4 08:45:34 CEST 2009

Special issue on "Modeling Extracellular Potentials", edited by Gaute Einevoll, Daniel Wojcik and Alain Destexhe.

The goal of this special issue in Journal of Computational Neuroscience is to gather work on modeling and theoretical analysis of the origin and interpretation of extracellular potentials such as local field potentials generated by neural activity.  Papers that include experimental work are especially encouraged, although purely theoretical studies are also acceptable.  The papers submitted to the special issue should be of moderate size (no more than 6 figures).  The subject of the papers must fit the Aims & Scope of the journal, and must in particular not be purely methodological but also illustrate results that advance our understanding of brain function in a broad sense.  The papers must contain new material, but we encourage the authors to also include review material to help the reader fully understand the context of the study.  Anyone is welcome to submit a contribution as long as it fits the above criteria.  The papers will be reviewed by the editorial board of the journal, with the same criteria as for normal articles submitted to the journal.

Submission deadline: July 1st, 2009.

Submission information: all papers must be submitted electronically as explained in the instructions for authors at the web site of the journal http://www.springer.com/10827  When submitting the paper, choose the option "special issue on modeling extracellular potentials".  All the formatting instructions are as for regular papers in the journal (except for the moderate size as explained above).  The deadline to be considered to the special issue is on July 1st, 2009.

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