[Comp-neuro] PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at SISSA, Trieste, Italy

Alessandro Treves ale at sissa.it
Thu Jul 23 10:17:00 CEST 2009

4+ PhD positions are still open at the second admission exam in September.
SISSA is the elite postgraduate research institution in Italy, devoted to
Math, Physics and Neuroscience. It operates in English: roughly half the
students (and faculty) in the Cognitive Neuroscience sector are not Italian.
Presently located in downtown Trieste, the sector will be reunited with the
rest of SISSA in early 2010, moving to a new 25,000 sqm building in a park
overlooking the Gulf. We seek a diverse international group of new students.

Research approaches in the CNS sector span the range from cognitive and
developmental psychology and imaging in humans (including OT and a new fMRI
machine) to behavioural neuroscience and multiple single-unit recording in
rats, mathematical and computational modeling. Allied approaches are pursued
in the Neurobiology sector. All students receive a school fellowship and
engage full-time in research based in Trieste, with some coursework in the
first few months. Application info http://www.sissa.it/main/?p=COURSES_PHD

Alessandro Treves ale at sissa.it
SISSA - Cognitive Neuroscience, now downtown in via Stock 2/2, V fl
BUT NOTE, POSTAL ADDRESS: SISSA, via Beirut 2, 34014 Trieste, Italy
tel:39-040-3787623  fax:39-040-3787615  http://people.sissa.it/~ale

   SISSA Webmail https://webmail.sissa.it/
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