[Comp-neuro] Phd in cellular and network electrophysiology

Michele Giugliano michele at tnb.ua.ac.be
Wed Jul 22 11:25:23 CEST 2009

Dear all,

a PhD position is available immediately in my new group at the 
Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Antwerp, Belgium. I am 
seeking a
talented and enthusiastic PhD international candidate with a strong 
background in physics, engineering, or life sciences and with some 
knowledge of neuroscience.

My group is interested in linking cortical single-cell and synaptic 
(electro)physiology to network-level electrical emerging phenomena (ref. 
Cereb Cortex, 2008; J Neurosci 2007; Biol Cybern 2009), while exploiting 
a combination of in vitro experimental techniques. These involve 
conventional patch-clamp recording and substrate arrays of 
microelectrode for both extracellular recordings and stimulation. 
Translation to in vivo cortical electrophysiolgical experiments in the 
lab, on anesthetized or behaving rodents, may be possible in a wider 
research context.

Previous experience / exposure to cellular neurophysiology and 
patch-clamp is helpful. Basic mathematical skills and good programming 
experience are very strong advantages, as is general computer and 
electronic proficiency. Interest and skills in developing 
non-conventional computer-controlled real-time experimental paradigms 
are a plus.

The laboratory is located in Antwerp, home town of the painter Rubens, 
2nd city in Belgium, and receptacle of monuments, museums and churches. 
It is the 2nd largest harbour in Europe and the world’s top centre for 
diamond processing. Only ~3h away from London or Koln, and 2h from Paris 
or Amsterdam by train, and also served by Brussel airport, Antwerp is 
at the center of Europe.

Applications including a CV, a letter of reference and a 500 words 
description of the applicant’s motivation, should be sent electronically 
to michele.giugliano_AT_ua.ac.be until December 2nd, 2009. Any inquiries 
should be addressed at Prof. Michele Giugliano at 
michele.giugliano_AT_ua.ac.be (mass-emails will be trashed).


Michele Giugliano, PhD

Dept. of Biomedical Sciences
University of Antwerp
Campus Drie Eiken (CDE) - D.T.532
Universiteitsplein 1
B-2610 Wilrijk (Belgium)

voice : +32 3 265 26 16
fax : +32 3 265 26 69

email: michele.giugliano_AT_ua.ac.be
url: http://www.ua.ac.be/michele.giugliano

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