[Comp-neuro] GENESIS 3 Introductory Workshop at CNS*09 Berlin

Hugo Cornelis hugo.cornelis at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 00:29:06 CEST 2009

GENESIS 3 Introductory Workshop at CNS*09 Berlin

The GENESIS 3 development team announces a small informal and
old-style cozy workshop to introduce the GENESIS 3 simulator at the
CNS conference in Berlin July 2009.

The GENESIS 3 simulator is a modular reimplementation of the GENESIS
simulator and provides substantial functional enhancement.
Implemented software modules include a fast single neuron solver, a
storage system for neuronal models, a flexible run-time scheduler, and
modules to implement various experimental designs.

GENESIS 3 has been designed around a simple and comprehensive user
workflow and provides explicit support for scientific communication.
During the workshop we will show how to successfully run GENESIS 2
scripts in this new environment and how to convert them to GENESIS 3
models.  We will then show how to build a model with GENESIS 3 by
importing components from a database.  Model queries will be used to design
experimental protocols that can be applied to the model during
simulation.  An initial version of the GENESIS 3 GUI will be used to
demonstrate the relationships between the user workflow and the
different functions of the simulator.  Simulation results will be
inspected using a project browser that facilitates scientific
communication.  All simulations are based on and results obtained from
two recent
research projects that were undertaken with the GENESIS 3 platform.

More information about the GENESIS 3 workshop will be made available
during the CNS meeting.

The GENESIS 3 development team.




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