[Comp-neuro] MOOSE Beta 1.2.0

Upinder S. Bhalla bhalla at ncbs.res.in
Sat Jul 11 12:10:32 CEST 2009

Dear all,
   This is to announce the release of MOOSE Beta 1.2.0. MOOSE is the 
Multiscale Object-Oriented Simulation Environment. It supports molecular 
to large neural network simulations spanning the areas of Systems 
Biology and Computational Neuroscience.

MOOSE is free, open source software (LGPL) and is available as source as 
well as precompiled binaries for Linux, Mac and Solaris. We also support 
Windows and the binaries will be out in the next few days.

MOOSE is hosted at http://moose.ncbs.res.in and at 

This release has four major functional changes from the previous Beta 1.1.0:
- A PyQt-based graphical interface for running basic simulations and 
This is now the default 'face' of MOOSE.
- Gillespie solver for chemical kinetic simulations.
- SBML support for writing kinetic models, partial support for reading.
- MPI support for parallel neuronal simulations, and interface to MUSIC.

- Installation instructions:

- Release notes:

MOOSE is supported by
Systems Biology Center of New York/NIGMS <http://www.nih.gov/>
National Center of Biological Sciences (NCBS) <http://ncbs.res.in>
EU-India grid <http://www.euindiagrid.eu/>
Department of Atomic Energy Science Research Council  (DAE/SRC), India 
Department of Biotechnology (DBT), India <http://dbtindia.nic.in/>

   The MOOSE team: Upi Bhalla, Niraj Dudani, Siji George, Subhasis Ray 
and other contributors
   (mostly at NCBS Bangalore)

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