[Comp-neuro] Positions for two Phd-students for research on neural computation and learning in Graz

Wolfgang Maass maass at igi.tugraz.at
Thu Jul 9 13:42:01 CEST 2009

In the research group of Wolfgang Maass and Robert Legenstein at the 
Graz University of Technology in Austria
there are openings for

                       two PhD students

for research on computation and learning in networks of spiking neurons, 
models for complex autonomously learning neural systems (including 
neuronal implementations of reinforcement learning), and models for 
self-organization and self-calibration of biologically realistic models 
for cortical microcircuits and areas. A keen interest in understanding 
brain function as well as knowledge in machine learning, computational 
theory, and programming skills are expected.

These two PhD Students will be funded by the Marie Curie Initial 
Training Network Facets-ITN. They will receive a strongly 
interdisciplinary training including extended stays in several partner 
laboratories from the FACETS-project of the EU 

Applicants for these positions in Graz should send their CV, statement 
of interest, and pdf's of relevant papers (e.g. master thesis) as soon 
as possible to Angelika Zehetner angelika at igi.tugraz.at

(The rules of the Marie Curie Network demand that applicants for the 
positions in Austria must be of non-Austrian nationality and have spent 
less than 12 months during the last 3 years in Austria.)

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Maass
Institut fuer Grundlagen der Informationsverarbeitung
Technische Universitaet Graz
Inffeldgasse 16b ,   A-8010 Graz,  Austria
Tel.:  ++43/316/873-5811
Fax   ++43/316/873-5805

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