[Comp-neuro] Time Encoding and Decoding (TED) Toolbox

Aurel A. Lazar aurel at ee.columbia.edu
Thu Jul 9 02:23:52 CEST 2009

The Bionet Group at Columbia University has just released a
Time Encoding and Decoding (TED) Toolbox for use by the
research community. A gentle introduction to TED is available at
The software release includes Matlab, Python and CUDA implementations
of various encoding and decoding circuits/architectures and algorithms.
Single-input single-output and single-input multi-output
(population) encoders/decoders are available for download at

In the future we plan to release decoders for stimuli encoded with
(i) models of neurons with feedback, (ii) multi-input multi-output  
circuits, and (iii) population and space-time circuits/architectures  
(for audio
and video stimuli).

Aurel A. Lazar
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