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               ~       Upcoming event      ~
 "Neural control and new therapeutic approaches"
          Thursday, July 23, Berlin, Germany

The field of complex dynamics in neurology is very diverse. A
few examples of topics involving computational neuroscience
methods are:

 * stimulation techniques for pacemakers treating Parkinson's disease,
 * hallucinatory pattern formation during migraine with aura,
 * how the brain controls motor skills associated with stick balancing,
 * classifying seizure activity by bifurcation theory,
 * metabolite sensing for feedback control in neurological disorders
 * stabilizing tissue at risk of progressive damage in acute stroke,
 * therapeutic rewiring,
 * biofeedback training via a brain-computer interfaces,
 * using noise as therapy in the above mentioned neurological conditions

++ This diversity poses a problem in building a strongly interlinked
community. ++

On the the 18th Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting CNS*2009, Berlin
we discuss during the workshop:

"Modeling Migraine: From Nonlinear Dynamics to Clinical Neurology"

approaches towards neural control and new therapeutic approaches.

For details, see:

If you are interested to participate and want to make an active contribution
(focus must be on neurology, complex dynamics, and therapy, though not
only migraine) you are invited to send a pdf (max. two slides) file to
be displayed
at your convenience during a moderated discussion section.

For details, see:

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