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BCCN graduate programs are open for applications

The Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience, located in Berlin,
Germany, welcomes applications for the International Graduate Programs
in Computational Neuroscience.

Deadline: 15 March 2009.


The Bernstein Center offers a combined International Master and Doctoral
Program in Computational Neuroscience with the goal of training young
scientists that will be competent in both computational and experimental
neuroscience and will be able to judge scope and limits of theoretical
and empirical approaches.

The *Master Program* is articulated in two years. In the first year
students are provided with basic experimental and theoretical techniques
in the framework of four main subjects: Models of Neural Systems,
Acquisition and Analysis of Neural Data, Machine Intelligence, and
Models of Higher Brain Functions. The second year is research-oriented.
Through lab rotations the students are participate in research projects
in laboratories affiliated with the Bernstein Center. Moreover, they
attend lectures and conferences on advanced topics in order to gain a
deeper insight into selected subjects, facilitating conception and
development of their own research project, the foundation of their
Master Thesis.

The *PhD Program* gathers doctoral students working on interdisciplinary
projects jointly overseen by supervisors of complementary expertise.
Experimentalists and theoreticians join forces to educate young
scientists: to exploit the recent advances in machine learning,
theoretical computer science, and statistics for modeling brain
function, and to develop new theories of computation hand in hand with
well-controlled experiments in order to put functional hypotheses to
test. The doctoral students are integrated into Berlin's collaborative
teaching and research environment and the National Network for
Computational Neuroscience, thus disposing of an excellent platform to
connect to the international neuroscience community.

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