[Comp-neuro] Results of election of authors in Scholarpedia

Eugene M. Izhikevich Eugene.Izhikevich at nsi.edu
Thu Jan 15 23:29:43 CET 2009

Scholarpedia - the free peer-reviewed encyclopedia - is conducting
election of authors for certain articles with the goal to identify the
best living expert to invite to write the articles.

The results of recent election are:
Stephen Wolfram for "Cellular automata"
Misha Tsodyks for "Short-term synaptic plasticity"
Gilles Laurent for "Models of olfactory system"
Laurenz Wiskott for "Slow feature analysis"
Ernst Hairer for "linear multistep method"
Simon Baron-Cohen for "Autism"
Charles Schroeder for "Current source density"
Stewart W. Wilson for "Animat"
Johannes J. Schneider for "Stochastic optimization"
Yosef Yarom for "Subthreshold oscillation"
John K. Tsotsos for "Visual attention"

All these experts have already agreed to write their corresponding articles.

The lists of nominees (in the chronological order of nomination by the
public) are provided below.

==Cellular automata==
1. Stephen Wolfram*
2. David Griffeath
3. Moshe Sipper
4. John Horton Conway

==Short-term synaptic plasticity==
1. Henry Markram
2. Misha Tsodyks*
3. Robert S. Zucker

==Models of olfactory system==
1. Maxim Bazhenov
2. Alan Gelperin
3. Gilles Laurent*
4. Christiane Linster
5. Michele Migliore
6. Rachel Wilson

==Slow feature analysis==
1. Laurenz Wiskott*
2. Terrence J. Sejnowski
3. Pietro Berkes

==Linear multistep method==
1. Ernst Hairer*
2. Alan C. Hindmarsh

1. Simon Baron-Cohen*
2. Anthony Bailey
3. Sir Michael Rutter

==Current source density==
1. Walter Freeman
2. Charles Schroeder*

1. Stewart W. Wilson*
2. Jean-Arcady Meyer
3. Donaled Edwards

==Stochastic optimization==
1. Scott Kirkpatrick
2. Johannes J. Schneider*
3. James C. Spall

==Subthreshold oscillation==
1. Yosef Yarom*
2. Bruce Hutcheon
3. John White
4. Magnus Richardson

==Visual attention==
1. John K. Tsotsos*
2. Anne Treisman
3. Howard Egeth
4. Hal Pashler
5. Stefan Treue

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