[Comp-neuro] Biological Cybernetics, volume 100

Walter Senn wsenn at cns.unibe.ch
Sat Feb 21 22:48:31 CET 2009

Dear all

We would like to draw your attention to the 100th volume of Biological 
Cybernetics, the oldest journal in the field of theoretical neuroscience 
(first volume in 1961) :
Biol. Cybern.: http://www.springerlink.com/content/100465/
vol. 100: 

Editorial to volume 100 of Biological Cybernetics
J. Leo Hemmen
Online since February 17, 2009
Page 1 - 3

Perceptions, reflections, and new directions in Biological Cybernetics: 
Horace Barlow in conversation with Leo van Hemmen and John Rinzel
Online since February 17, 2009
Page 5 - 10

Optimal learning rules for familiarity detection
Andrea Greve, David C. Sterratt, David I. Donaldson, David J. Willshaw, 
Mark C. W. Rossum
Online since November 12, 2008
Page 11 - 19

A simulation of chopper neurons in the cochlear nucleus with wideband 
input from onset neurons
Andreas Bahmer, Gerald Langner
Online since November 18, 2008
Page 21 - 33

Surface EMG in advanced hand prosthetics
Claudio Castellini, Patrick Smagt
Online since November 18, 2008
Page 35 - 47

Modelled temperature-dependent excitability behaviour of a single 
ranvier node for a human peripheral sensory nerve fibre
Jacoba E. Smit, Tania Hanekom, Johan J. Hanekom
Online since December 09, 2008
Page 49 - 58

Computational object recognition: a biologically motivated approach
Tim C. Kietzmann, Sascha Lange, Martin Riedmiller
Online since December 17, 2008
Page 59 - 79

Implications of different classes of sensorimotor disturbance for 
cerebellar-based motor learning models
Adrian Haith, Sethu Vijayakumar
Online since October 22, 2008
Page 81 - 95

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