[Comp-neuro] Postdoctoral Positions in Computational/Cognitive Neuroscience

hiroyuki nakahara hnx at brain.riken.jp
Thu Feb 19 08:42:16 CET 2009

Postdoctoral positions available 

Two postdoctoral positions are available in the laboratory of Dr. Hiro
Nakahara (the Laboratory for Integrated Theoretical Neuroscience) at
RIKEN Brain Science Institute. The first position involves the
computational and neurobiological basis of decision making and
reward-oriented behavior in both non-social and social contexts. Our
approach is to combine fMRI experimental investigation with the
development of computational models. The second position involves neural
computation and coding in the same area, concerning both statistical
inference and dynamical processing. For general information on our
laboratory, see http://www.itn.brain.riken.jp. 

For both positions, we seek exceptionally talented candidates with a
strong background in theoretical neuroscience and/or fMRI experiments
(or possibly human-behavioral or animal-neurophysiological experiments).
Proficiency in computer programming (e.g. Matlab or equivalent) is
expected. Good communication and writing skills are essential. A good
balance of independence and collegiality in research is required. For
the first position, a solid background in cognitive or behavioral
neuroscience is essential. The ideal candidate would have both strong
experience with fMRI and robust experience, or at least demonstrable
interest, in computational neuroscience (e.g. reinforcement learning).
For the second position, solid experience in theoretical neuroscience
research, a strong analytical background (typically in math, statistics,
computer science, physics and/or engineering), and a ready ability to
acquire new information in experimental literature are essential.
Research experience in decision making and/or valuation, possibly
including the frontal cortices and/or basal ganglia functions, is a
major plus. We encourage candidates who have enthusiasm for linking a
normative or top-down understanding of neural valuation/decision systems
with a mechanical or circuit-level understanding in consideration of the
rich repertory of behavior.

The RIKEN Brain Science Institute (URL: www.brain.riken.jp) is located
near Tokyo, Japan. It uses English as the working language, and provides
an international, vigorous, and interactive environment not only for
computational neuroscience but also for a broad range of disciplines in

These positions are scheduled to start immediately, although
consideration will be given to candidates who would prefer a later start
date. Consideration of applications will start immediately, but all
applications sent to us by March 31 will be equally considered.
Appointment is on an annual basis, and starting salaries will be
commensurate with relevant ability and experience. Subsequent contracts
will be determined and renewed annually, upon review, for possibly up to
five years. 

Interested candidates should apply to itninfo at brain.riken.jp with the
following: a cover letter, CV, a statement of research skills and
interests, contact details of three references with a brief description
of your relationship to each reference, and (optional) any additional
information you think might be useful (e.g. additional skills and
background, general interests, and so on). Informal enquiries are also

Hiro Nakahara
Lab for Integrated Theoretical Neuroscience
RIKEN Brain Science Institute
2-1 Hirosawa Wako
Saitama, 351-0198 Japan

hiroyuki nakahara 

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