[Comp-neuro] Illusion submission EXTENSION: The 5th Annual Best Visual Illusion of the Year Contest!!

Susana Martinez-Conde smart at neuralcorrelate.com
Tue Feb 17 16:35:11 CET 2009

***DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND*** --The deadline for the 5th Annual Best Visual
Illusion of the Year Contest has been extended. FINAL (no exceptions)
submission date is now ***March 2nd***!

Many of the most outstanding illusion creators in the world have asked us to
extend the deadline so as to perfect their contributions for the Contest!

The voters at the 5th Annual Best Illusion of the Year Contest, in Naples,
Florida, will certainly see the Best and Most Exciting New Illusions of the
Year. This award is chosen by the community, and not by a committee, so
please come and make your vote!

The 2009 contest will be hosted by Peter Thompson and held in Naples,
Florida (Naples Philharmonic Center for the Arts, http://www.thephil.org) on
Sunday, May 10th, 2009, during the week of the Vision Sciences Society
conference (VSS). The Naples Philharmonic Center is an 8-minute walk from
the main VSS headquarters hotel in Naples, and is thus central to the VSS

Past contests have been highly successful in drawing public attention to
vision research, with over ***TWO MILLION*** website hits from viewers all
over the world, as well as hundreds of international media stories. The
First, Second and Third Prize winners at the 2008 contest were Rob van Lier
& Mark Vergeer (Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands), Rob Jenkins
(University of Glasgow, UK), and Thomas Papathoms (Rutgers University, USA).
To see the illusions, photo galleries and other highlights from the 2008 and
previous contests, go to http://illusioncontest.neuralcorrelate.com 

Illusion submissions can be novel visual, cognitive, or multimodal illusions
(unpublished, or published no earlier than 2008) in standard image, movie or
html formats. Exciting new variants of classic or known illusions are also 
admissible. An international panel of impartial judges will rate the
submissions and narrow them to the TOP TEN. Then, at the Contest Gala in
Naples, the TOP TEN illusionists will present their contributions and the 
attendees of the event (that means you!) will vote to pick the TOP THREE

Illusions submitted to previous editions of the contest can be re-submitted
to the 2009 contest, so long as they meet the above requirements and were
not among the TOP THREE winners in previous years. 

Submissions will be held in strict confidence by the panel of judges and the
authors/creators will retain full copyright. No illusions will be posted on
the illusion contest's website without the creators' explicit permission. As
with submitting your work to any scientific conference, participating in to
the Best Illusion of the Year Contest does not preclude you from also
submitting your work for publication elsewhere. 

Submissions can be made to Dr. Susana Martinez-Conde (Illusion Contest
Coordinator, Neural Correlate Society) via email (smart at neuralcorrelate.com)
until March 2nd, 2009. Illusion submissions should come with a (no more
than) one-page description of the illusion and its theoretical underpinnings
(if known). Illusions will be rated according to:  

. Significance to our understanding of the visual system  

. Simplicity of the description  

. Sheer beauty  

. Counterintuitive quality  

. Spectacularity  

Visit the illusion contest website for further information and to see last
year's illusions: http://illusioncontest.neuralcorrelate.com       

Submit your ideas now and take home this prestigious award! 

On behalf of the Neural Correlate Society: Susana Martinez-Conde (Illusion
Contest Coordinator) 

Neural Correlate Society Executive Committee: Jose-Manuel Alonso, Stephen
Macknik, Luis Martinez, Xoana Troncoso, Peter Tse 


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Director, Laboratory of Visual Neuroscience 
Barrow Neurological Institute 
350 W. Thomas Rd. 
Phoenix AZ 85013 

Phone: +1 602 406-3484 
Fax: +1 602 406-4192 
Email: smart at neuralcorrelate.com 

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