[Comp-neuro] 2010 NEURON Meeting and Parallel Network Course

Ted Carnevale ted.carnevale at yale.edu
Wed Dec 2 16:32:42 CET 2009


What:  two events in late March 2010--
"The 2010 NEURON Simulator Meeting"
"Course on Parallelizing Network Models with NEURON"

NEURON Meeting -- Monday and Tuesday, March 22-23, 2010
Network Course -- Wednesday - Friday, March 24-26, 2010

University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

M. Hines, T. Carnevale, J-M. Fellous, and J. Hildebrand


The 2010 NEURON Simulator Meeting
The purpose of this meeting is to bring together neuroscience
experimentalists and theoreticians who are interested in using
computational modeling in research and education -- not just
current users of NEURON, but also those who are interested in
using it -- for the purpose of sharing the latest knowledge
and stimulating communication and collaboration.  Special
presentations on Python, parallel network modeling, and other
topics are being planned, and registrants are invited to
propose talks, symposia, tutorials and workshops on these
and other topics relevant to computational neuroscience.
Registration is limited to 30 participants on a first-come,
first serve basis.

Course on Parallelizing Network Models with NEURON
This is intended for individuals who have already developed their own
network models with NEURON that run on "serial" computers, which they
now want to port to parallel hardware.  This is a "hands-on" course
that alternates didactic presentations and discussions with intensive
coding sessions with expert consultants close at hand.  Registration
is limited to 10 participants on a first-come, first serve basis.

The registration deadline for these events is Friday, Feb. 26, 2010,
but why wait--sign up now for the Meeting or the Course or both!

For more information see
or contact
Ted Carnevale
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phone 203-494-7381
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