[Comp-neuro] Biological Cybernetics: vol 101, issue 1 --- Table of Content

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Biological Cybernetics: vol 101, issue 1 --- Table of Content

BC Forum
"The Wilson–Cowan model, 36 years later"
Alain Destexhe, Terrence J. Sejnowski. Page 1 -2

Original Paper
"Spatiotemporal dynamics of pattern formation in the primary visual 
cortex and hallucinations"
H. Henke, P. A. Robinson, P. M. Drysdale, P. N. Loxley. Page 3 - 18

"Robust path integration in the entorhinal grid cell system with 
hippocampal feed-back"
Dávid Samu, Péter Ero"s, Balázs Ujfalussy, Tamás Kiss. Page 19 - 34

"Optimal motor control may mask sensory dynamics"
Sean G. Carver, Tim Kiemel, Noah J. Cowan, John J. Jeka. Page 35 - 42

"Activity patterns in networks stabilized by background oscillations"
Frank Hoppensteadt. Page 43 - 47

"Energy efficient walking with central pattern generators: from passive 
dynamic walking to biologically inspired control"
B. W. Verdaasdonk, H. F. J. M. Koopman, F. C. T. van der Helm. Page 49 - 61

"Complementary responses to mean and variance modulations in the perfect 
integrate-and-fire model"
Joanna Pressley, Todd W. Troyer. Page 63 - 70

"Short-window spectral analysis using AMVAR and multitaper methods: a 
Hariharan Nalatore, Govindan Rangarajan. Page 71 - 80

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