[Comp-neuro] Research Associate position in Neuroinformatics in Southern California

Gully APC Burns GullyBurns at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 21:36:19 CEST 2009

We are hiring a Research Associate (Neuroinformatics Research Scientist) 
within the Biomedical Knowledge Engineering Group at the Information 
Sciences Institute located in Marina del Rey in Los Angeles 
(http://www.isi.edu/). The position will be concerned with developing 
the next phase of the NeuARt project 
(http://www.neuroscholar.org/neuart2.html), whilst integrating this work 
with the larger BIRN effort (at ISI, UC Irvine and UCLA). We are looking 
for a neuroinformatics researcher with experience of building functional 
applications. Detailed knowledge of (and scientific interest in) 
Neuroanatomy is essential. The environment at ISI is predominantly 
CS-oriented and so a strong CS background is also preferred.

The position is funded for 5 years, and we hope that a successful 
applicant would consider working within the ISI community over the long 
term. We want to hire good people and then keep them.

Additionally, we will use text-mining approaches to index the full-text 
scientific literature using entity recognition for brain structures and 
unsupervised concept discovery to link maps to ontological 
representations of neuroscience research. This position requires a 
combination of expertise in bio- or neuro- informatics, text mining, and 
ontology engineering, as well as advanced programming skills.

Please use the following link to apply:


Please also contact Gully Burns (gully at usc.edu) for any additional 

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