[Comp-neuro] Postdoc Position in Neuroinformatics

Mihail Bota mbota at usc.edu
Sun Apr 19 22:54:48 CEST 2009

A postdoctoral position is available at the Brain Architecture Center (http://brancusi.usc.edu/bkms), in the Swanson group at USC. We are populating and extending the Brain Architecture Management System (Google: BAMS). The candidate will be directly responsible for completing the axonal projections matrix of the rat limbic system and mining the inserted data, and will actively participate in developing the BAMS Ontology.

The ideal candidate will have a doctoral degree, or equivalent, with emphasis on statistical approaches to biological systems analysis, and at least a basic knowledge of the mammalian central nervous system. Database design and programming experience will also be a plus.

The position is funded by a 5-year grant from the NINDS and salary will be established according to the NIH salary scale.

Contact: Larry Swanson (lswanson at usc.edu), or Mihail Bota (mbota at usc.edu).

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