[Comp-neuro] ITCAN'09: Call for Participation

Simon Schultz s.schultz at imperial.ac.uk
Sat Apr 11 14:03:15 CEST 2009

We wish to announce a focused, 1-day workshop, "Information transfer  
and causal network analysis in neuroscience" (ITCAN-09) to be held in  
Brighton on July 16th, 2009. This email is a call for participation.  
The workshop has been made possible by the generous support of the UK  
Mathematical Neuroscience Network.

Over recent years substantial progress has been made in the  
application of causal analysis techniques to neuroscience. The goal of  
this workshop is to bring together researchers applying different  
causal network analysis approaches - such as Granger causality,  
partial directed coherence, transfer entropy, and Bayesian approaches  
- to neurophysiological data. These topics are becoming more widely  
used in the field, however there has not to date been a workshop to  
bring practitioners, who often present at different conferences,  
together. Issues for discussion will include: pros and cons of  
different causality measures, practical issues relating to their use  
with real data (both spikes and continuous signals), relationship to  
measures of network complexity, theoretical links to information  
theory and nonlinear dynamics, and most importantly: what can causal  
network analysis tell us about how the brain works?

A preliminary programme, including details of invited speakers, can be  
found at the workshop website:

The timing of the workshop may be convenient for attendees of CNS '09  
en route to Berlin.

If you wish to attend the workshop as a participant, please send an  
email to Simon Schultz (s.schultz at imperial.ac.uk) before May 30th  
with ITCAN in the subject line. As numbers will be limited, please  
include a one-sentence statement of your research interests and let us  
know if you are a member of the UK Mathematical Neuroscience Network.

Best wishes,
Simon Schultz and Anil Seth (Workshop Organisers)

Dr. Simon R. Schultz
Senior Lecturer
Department of Bioengineering
Imperial College London
South Kensington, London SW7 2AZ, UK

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