[Comp-neuro] 2009 ICRA Workshop: Brain Machine Interfaces for Neuroprostheses and Robot Control

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*ICRA 2009  Full-day Workshop (12h May)*

*Title: Brain Machine Interfaces for Neuroprostheses and Robot Control*

Abstract --  Brain-Machine Interfaces encompasses a growing and increasing
community that merges researchers and industry with the objective of
creating applications and solutions to ameliorate the quality of life of
human beings. This challenging research area involves a tight cooperation
among neuroscience, computer science, and biomedical engineering among
others. With the understanding of the human brain and the rapid development
in the instrumentation, signal processing and machine learning; the brain
machine interfaces are reaching real rehabilitation applications that
require robotics developments. The neurocontrol of devices is certainly an
interesting and promising research area that is only at the begging of a
scientific and practical exploration.

In response to this growing interest in neurosignals actuated devices,
several initiatives are starting to pave the path towards a full series of
neurodevices. Researchers are investigating the neural correlates concerning
the human perception and motion to create a direct interface between the
brain and a prosthetic device, in virtually, the same way we human proceed.
Other researches are applying brain machine learning technology to directly
interact with autonomous mobile robots in applications like intelligent
wheelchairs or the teleoperation between remote scenarios. Individuals with
severe neuromuscular impairments and those involved in rehabilitation
therapy are potential beneficiaries of assistive technology, not only for
improved mobility but also for improved outcomes in recovery. In addition,
this research is starting to find a new path in the amusement arena.

*----- Time, Speakers and title of talk*

09:00*—Dr. Jun Morimoto (Prof. M. Kawato)*. Using Monkey's Brain Activity
for Biped Walking Control of a Humanoid Robort.

09:45*—Dr. Jose M. Carmena*: Consolidation of Prosthetic Motor Skill in

*10:45-- Coffee break/Posters exhibition*

11:00*—Prof. Fivos Panetsos*: Sensory and Motor interfaces between
peripheral nerves and electronic systems and the plasticity of the CNS

11:45*—Dr. Reinhold Scherer (Prof. R. Rao): *From neuroprostheses to
anatomically correct robotic systems: BCI research in Seattle.

12:30*—Prof. Alex Graeser*: Control of care giving robot FRIEND by BCI.
System design, experience and future

*01:15-- Lunch break*

02:15*—Dr. Ricardo Chavarriaga (Prof. Jose del R. Millan)*: Non-invasive
Brain-Controlled Robots.

03:00*—Dr. Carmen Vidaurre (Prof. K. R. Muler)*: Non invasive BBCI and
co-adaptive learning.

*03:30-- Coffee break/Posters exhibition*

04:00*-- Ander Ramos (Prof. N. Birbaumer)*: Coupling BCI and Robotics for
Stroke Rehabilitation.

04:30*—Dr. Javier Minguez*: Mental control of machines: application to
wheelchairs and remote robot teleoperation.

*----- Poster auhors and title*

* *

*Blatt R. et al*.: An autonomous Wheelchair Driven by Event Related

*Escolano C. et al*.: Brain Actuated Teleoperation System

*Iturrate I. et al*.: Synchronous EEG Brain-actuated Wheelchair with
Automated Navigation.

*Saulnier P. et al*.: Using brain-robot interfaces for controlling ambient
social patterns

*Bento V.F. et al*.: An Academic Brain Computer Interface- A
multidisciplinary Tool for Knowledge

*Castellini C. et al.*: Non-invasive Adaptive Hand Prosthetics

*Menegatti E. et al*: Evaluation of a robot as embodied interface for Brain
Computer Interface systems

Javier Minguez
Dpto de Infomatica e Ingenieria de Sistemas
Universidad de Zaragoza
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