[Comp-neuro] Postdoc: Computational Neuroscience/Neuroimaging (1.5+3.5 years)

Ingo Bojak I.Bojak at donders.ru.nl
Fri Sep 26 10:03:20 CEST 2008

Candidate profile
In a multidisciplinary project we will investigate resting state and 
sleep with co-registered EEG/fMRI in a novel model-driven, computational 
analysis. Thus our ideal candidate for this post combines skills in 
neuroimaging, applied mathematics, and scientific programming with a 
background in sleep research, connectivity studies or mean field 
modeling. However, candidates with qualifications in relevant aspects 
and enthusiasm for broadening their existing scientific portfolio will 
also be considered. This project is a collaboration between 
experimentalists and theorists at the Donders Institute’s Centres for 
Cognitive Neuroimaging (DCCN) and Neuroscience (DCN). Hence it provides 
a unique opportunity to become part of an emerging group of 
neuroscientists comfortably crossing traditional faculty boundaries.

Research topic
How is the ubiquitous EEG ‘alpha rhythm’ of the unstimulated brain 
linked to the resting state ‘default mode network’ that has been 
identified with fMRI? What happens to the BOLD response as rest turns 
into sleep, in different stages that we know from their EEG patterns? 
The complementary nature of EEG and BOLD data requires innovative 
methods for synergistic data analysis.
We will use a realistic mean field model for inverting co-registered 
EEG/fMRI data to the underlying cortical state through an iterative 
optimization of its biologically motivated parameters, including 
cortical connectivity. We will start out with the analysis of previously 
acquired resting-state data. During this pilot study we will seek 
extended funding, which will allow us to carry out the planned 
investigation of sleep stages with co-registered EEG/fMRI.

Research environment
The Neuro-Physiology and -Informatics group (http://neuroPI.org) at the 
DCN and the MR-methods for Cognitive Neuroscience group 
(http://tinyurl.com/4md98p) at the DCCN are part of the new Donders 
Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behaviour 
(http://www.ru.nl/donders/). The offered position is part of a large 
project supported by the Donders Institute with a start-up grant.

Living in The Netherlands / Nijmegen
The Netherlands is well-known as a modern and very urbanized European 
country. However, the vibrant border city of Nijmegen 
(http://www.nijmegen.nl/) also offers access to the beautiful 
Dutch/German “Lower Rhine” countryside.

The estimated gross salary will be between € 3129/month and € 
4284/month, commensurate with experience, plus two yearly 8% supplements 
(vacation and end-of-year). The 1.5 years initial contract will be 
extended to up to 5 years, if sufficient external funds are acquired. A 
generous moving/bridging package is being provided.

Send your applications with full CV, list of publications, and three 
referees to Ms. Stijns (Tildie.Stijns at donders.ru.nl). Submission 
deadline is the 31st of October. For more information about the 
position, contact Prof. R. Kötter (rk at donders.ru.nl), Prof. D. Norris 
(D.Norris at donders.ru.nl), or Dr. I. Bojak (I.Bojak at donders.ru.nl).

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