[Comp-neuro] Summary of responses to calcium spike query

Harry Erwin harry.erwin at sunderland.ac.uk
Tue Sep 2 10:43:27 CEST 2008

I've posted a summary of the responses at the end of the following  
article on my neuroscience wiki:


Errors are my responsibility--I'll make corrections, additions, or  
deletions as my attention is drawn to them. The basic conclusion is  
that the membrane potential 'hump' in cells containing calcium T  
channels seems to be best modelled by having two channel open modes,  
similar to what Tsien suggests, with the first mode having a short  
time constant and the second a time constant for closing about 100  
times longer. The second mode seems to involve binding of Ca++ with a  
regulation factor that then locks the channel open. Alain Destexhe's  
papers ten years ago are worth rereading. If you can't afford the  
computational cost of modelling this explicitly or only need a  
qualitative model, consider using the model in Grossberg, S. and  
Versace, M. (2008).

Thanks to everyone for the help.

Harry Erwin, PhD, Senior Lecturer of Computing, University of  
Sunderland. Computational neuroethologist:

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